We want to be the embodiment of building a new language. We bring together different energies that want to meet again. We want to set down a new frontier in aesthetics and generate a new form of relationship with the city and the landscape. We want to go into cities and change them without asking permission. We think of the surrounding landscape as something that speaks to us, that will let us overcome an inner limit so we can be alone or with too many. For us, dynamism is elevation, self-awareness, rebuilding the connective tissue between social groups struggling against the contemporary neurosis. Everything is precious, even pain, even mistakes: because you can speak in silence while tight together, you can run while trusting, you can ask for help. You can not win. We’re the new time in running because we know that everything that’s coming is already behind us, so we fasten it down on these pages: here are our treasures, our dreams, keep them as if they were your memories.